It's super easy to join us!

🧭 How to get to the festival?

By car, it's 1 hour drive from Helsinki, and 1h30 from Turku. We have parking spots on site.

The closest train station is located in Karjaa (Karis), 1 hour away from Helsinki and Turku. From there, we can arrange a short car ride (only 10 minutes) for a small fee, contact us to know more and make arrangements.
Check the timings for the trains and book your tickets here.

📍 Address: Högbenintie 30, 10350 Meltola, Raasepori

🔥 What is Hub Feenix? 🪽

A space where life, creativity, joy, wellbeing and continuous learning can flourish. In this huge building (15 000 m²), located in the middle of pine forests, volunteers, artists, visitors, digital nomads, and people from all around the world and all backgrounds gather together to create. There are artists studios, yoga studios, a concert hall, lots of different workshops spaces, accommodation, etc.

Hub Feenix is a safe, beautiful, healing and unique place, and a perpetual work in progress.

Everything that happens here is aligned with values of love, respect, honesty, giving and serving life. We always cultivate gratitude, self-development, courage, renewal, and spirituality, while practicing presence, non-violence in both actions and words, and working with nature.